The Faculty & Staff Fitness Program (FSFP) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of information provided by our members. When applying for membership, individuals must provide and periodically update contact information, medical history, informed consent, and physician’s consent. Because we adhere to guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), all components of the application are necessary prior to joining FSFP. The services we provide include comprehensive fitness testing, exercise prescription, and ongoing exercise counseling. These things cannot be done safely and effectively without first obtaining a health history and medical clearance. The information members provide is only used within FSFP and is never shared with other medical or insurance organizations. It is kept strictly confidential and is vital to providing our members with the most pertinent health and exercise advice available.

Doctor’s Clearance and Permission to Fax Results

Any potential member must submit the signed doctor’s consent included in the application. Due to the nature of our exercise physiology program, we adhere to the guidelines and recommendations of the ACSM. The ACSM recommends getting doctor’s consent before allowing people to participate in a new exercise program. It is required for all participants. In addition, we require permission to fax any pertinent medical results, including but not limited to exercise blood pressures and heart rates, to the member’s physician of choice. It is especially important that a physician read the electrocardiograms (ECGs) taken from the stress test. Any member that does not consent to fax medical results will not be granted entry into FSFP.

Stress Test

Any potential member that wishes to join FSFP must undergo at least a submaximal stress test before being granted entry into the program. Thereafter, this test is optional unless membership lapses for more than 30 days. The test is required to ensure that the potential member has no exercise ECG abnormalities. The FSFP member must consent to faxing the results from the stress test and any other important medical data to his/her doctor of choice. Any member that does not consent to fax medical results will not be granted entry into FSFP.

Use of RPAC

FSFP members have access to the Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) locker rooms 30 minutes before, any time during, and 30 minutes after any scheduled FSFP session. FSFP members have access to the RPAC class pool only for FSFP scheduled aquatic classes including water aerobics. Any other use of the RPAC is strictly prohibited and will result in the member being charged for his/her illegal usage. In addition, his/her membership to FSFP will be forfeited without reimbursement. Faculty and staff may access the RPAC during acceptable times via BuckID. For spouses or domestic partners that do not have BuckIDs, an RPAC pass can be made at the Welcome Center.