Effective January 6th, 2020-April 20, 2020

**Please note, our workout facility is open year round, excluding University Observed Holidays.  Group fitness will NOT meet during academic breaks and days when classes are not in session.

Event Time Location Instructor
AM General Conditioning M-F 6:00-7:55am PAES A22  
Noon General Conditioning M-F11:30-1:25pm PAES A22
PM General Conditioning M-F4:30-6:25pm
Water Aerobics MWF 12:30-1:30pm RPAC Pool M/W Taylor,

F Kathryn

Lap Swim MWF 12:30-1:30pm RPAC Pool
Yoga T 12:40-1:30 pm PAES A275 Taylor
Yogalates R 12:40-1:30pm PAES A275 Taylor
Agility/Plyo M 12:30-1:00pm PAES A22 Barbara
Agility/Plyo W 5:30-6:00pm PAES A22 Barbara
Bootcamp F 5:30-6:25pm PAES A22 Owen
Rise and Grind R 6:15-7:00am PAES A22 Tori

Thursday Rise and Grind
Looking to add in some variety, try something you may have never done before, get a bust over that hump day? Well this class is for you. Come join Tori for Tuesday Tune-Up 6:15 am. This is an all fitness level, early morning circuit class aimed at pushing you past that limits you may have now using a wide variety of strength and cardio equipment targeting full body muscle groups as well as core, stability, and cardiovascular fitness!

Olympic Lifting with Barbara:  An intermediate/advanced level training session that incorporates both power, technique and body control movements to bring your workouts to the next level. Learn how to do the lifts that Olympic athletes do to maximize your functional fitness. Each week we’ll focus on components of Olympic lifts and end with a circuit style finisher to supplement activate muscle groups. Come challenge your mind and body with this exciting class!

Agility and Plyometrics

This training session goes beyond hopping and jumping. Learn how to move your body with the agile grace of an athlete with our Agility and Plyometrics class. We’ll incorporate agility ladder drills, coordination exercises, and plyometric training to bring a fun and different spin to your workout routine. No experience needed, just come warmed up and ready to work!