May 15th-August 15, 2017

Event Time Place
Morning General Conditioning M-F 6:00-8:00am PAES A22
Noon General Conditioning M-F 11:30-1:30pm PAES A22
Evening General Conditioning M-F 4:30-6:30pm PAES A22
Group Fitness
 Kickboxing with Becca  M 11:30am-12:30pm PAES A275
Yoga with Kylee Tuesday 11:30am-12:30pm PAES A275
Zumba Strong with Becca  Wednesday 11:30am-12:30pm PAES A275
LaBlast Wednesday 5:15pm-6:15pm  PAESA275
Adult Recess with Kylee Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm  PAESA275
Body Fat Blitz with Beeler Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm FSFP Gym

 **Not sure if our schedule and hours are for you?  Try us for 3 months for $85-you still get the full fitness assessment, consultation and personalized exercise prescription.  You can take your prescription with you!!!

Cardio kickboxing will incorporate punching and kicking combinations to deliver a tough, yet accessible, hour-long class. No previous experience is necessary, as each punch and kick will be reviewed before beginning each class. Challenge yourself to kick it into high gear with this fun group workout!

Adult Recess is a fun way for faculty and staff to break up the work day. With the goal of simply getting moving, the class will be a whole body workout that relieves stress in a fun way! We will focus on total body strength and cardio bursts arranged in circuits and challenges like adult recess games.

Zumba Strength is a class that combines both dancing and body weight exercises. We will use the beat of the music to drive this fun class that is both tough and exciting. Strength and cardio portions are included to give you a full body workout that feels more like a dance party. Progressions and regressions will be shown for each move so that every fitness level can attend. No dance experience required. 

Body Fat Blitz with Beeler is a full body resistance training boot camp aimed at shaking up your workout routine.  Challenge yourself with unique exercises that strengthen the entire body while mixing in high intensity cardio to eviscerate body fat.  Make 2017 the year you change.  Class is uniquely catered to any level.  You will be able to safely challenge yourself under the supervision of an expert.  Come push yourself in a class environment with a friend or make a new one!

LaBlast® came about after the second season of Dancing with the Stars, when Louis’ celebrity partner, Lisa Rinna, confided that she had an amazing experience working with him and wanted to keep dancing after the show season ended. As far as she knew there weren’t any classes offered that fit exactly what she’d been doing with Louis and, after a discussion between the two friends, it quickly became apparent to Louis that he had an opportunity to create something new and exciting – something that wasn’t already out there.

The premise was simple: create a partner-free dance program that anyone could participate in and learn to dance, get fit, and have fun.

Louis’s mission for LaBlast® is simple: to get people moving from all corners of the world, regardless of their fitness level, age, or background, all through the power of dance!